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Google+ Business Page Design

The most critical area of design is the header of the Google+ Business page as it is the identity of your business. As with any good web design, your visitor must be able to quickly recognize your brand without thought and reach the one-to-one relationship with the viewer. In its current design, the header of […]

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Analyzing Website Traffic

The best way to quantify the development of your website marketing strategy is to understand the source of your website traffic.  Website traffic can come from a number of different sources.  Once you have determined where the traffic is coming from take steps to improve your website marketing strategies. Direct Traffic Direct traffic is when […]

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Market Your Website with Internet Video

Online video advertising can take your internet marketing strategy to a whole new level.  Currently there are a number of websites where you can easily upload high quality video and share them with the click of a button.  Website videos that are produced and implemented properly will provide an immediate and lasting impression for your […]

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Top MerchantCircle Marketing Techniques

As with most services, people tend to gravitate to one social media network or another.  With over 1 million local businesses in their directory, MerchantCircle is the largest social network of local business owners in the United States.  This online business directory helps to connect businesses and consumers. It is important while building your website’s […]

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Give Me a Big Ol’ Sip of that Link Juice

When a website is designed, there are a number of factors that go into the design that make the website search engine friendly.  Improving website search engine rankings used to be a fairly quick and easy task as there were not a lot of factors that affected how a website was ranked.   Search engine marketing […]

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