20 Feb 2013

3 Internet Marketing Warning Signs for 2013

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Usually, when it comes to Internet marketing, there are two types of people: those who won’t notice or acknowledge a problem until sales are falling off a cliff, and their counterparts who tend to hit the panic button if traffic to their business website slows down for more than a couple of days.

Obviously, neither approach is ideal; you want to keep a close eye on your Internet marketing plan without overreacting to small shifts and fluctuations.

So, how do you balance that fine line? In most cases, it’s prudent to wait at least a couple of weeks, or longer, to see if a trend is actually developing. However, here are three warning signs you should always take seriously:

  1. A fast drop in search engine rankings. While there are lots of things that could cause a shift in search engine rankings, being dropped suddenly from Google’s first page, for example, could be cause for concern. At the very least, it means that you should re-examine your keyword strategy and see if you’ve been affected by a recent algorithm change.
  2. Historically low conversion ratios. This could be in the form of decreased online orders, fewer calls coming to your office, a lower percentage of clicks on your online ads, or any other of a number of symptoms. In each case, the problem is that potential customers aren’t responding to your message the way they used to, and it’s important to figure out why.
  3. The sudden appearance of new competitors. One or two new players in your industry might not be anything to worry about, but having many of them spring up at once could be a sign that you’re going to have to work harder to keep new business coming in, online or off.

Obviously, none of these necessarily means that your business is going to be impacted negatively in the immediate future. By recognizing them and dealing with things proactively, however, you can save yourself time and trouble later while staying ahead of current and future competitors.

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