10 Jun 2010

Establishing Credibility through Online Testimonials

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One of the many steps that need to be taken to market a company website presence on the internet is to build the number of online customer testimonials.  Website customer testimonials help to overcome the skepticism.  Establishing credibility on the internet is an important step towards converting website visitors into website customers.

Become Familiar with Posting Online Customer Testimonials

The easiest way to learn about online customer testimonials is to post a customer testimonial yourself.  Think of companies that you have recently used that deserve a thumbs-up.  Go to several websites to become familiar with the steps it takes to make an online customer testimonial post.  Write down the steps you took to post the customer testimonial, these can be very useful to send your customer when asking them to post a testimonial for your company.

Give Your Customer Testimonials Direction

While it is easy to ask your client for a testimonial, an effective customer testimonial has to relate to your clients needs.  Think about your target market, and what your clients needs are, write down some bullet points.  Send your customer an email with directions on how to post an online testimonial and ask your customer to provide a targeted review in their experience of your product or service.

Build Online Testimonials on Numerous Sites

Build a broad base of customer testimonials on numerous websites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Online Yellow Pages.  Diversity is the key, as it will gain your website greater marketing exposure.  An added benefit is that numerous online rating sites will draw reviews from each other.

Keep Online Testimonials Current

While it is important that you have numerous testimonials, it is very important that the testimonials are current.  Make a company goal to achieve a minimum of one customer testimonial each month.  Testimonials that are built up overtime demonstrate a longstanding commitment to customer service or product quality.

Be Responsive if You Receive a Poor Online Customer Testimonial

Nobody likes to hear that one of their customers is unhappy with their product or service.  View a complaint as another opportunity to demonstrate exemplary customer service and make your customer happy.  If you find that a customer has written a complaint on your company react to the complaint promptly in a non-confrontational manner. If you receive an unwarranted complaint, most online customer testimonial sites have a process to flag the complaint as inappropriate, and have a process for its removal.

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