29 Jul 2010

8 Tips to Create Effective Coupons

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Coupons are a reliable method of driving inbound sales.  Regular use of coupons can produce a steady stream of new customers as well as driving repeat customers to purchase your products or services within a specific time-line.   Here are eight effective methods to creating effective coupons:

Build your Brand

Add your logo and a specific message to build your brand recognition.  Your message needs to clearly meet your target audience, and all the elements of your coupon need to build a perception of your business.

White Space is the Most Valuable Space

Coupons that have too much text or too many images are often compared to being in a room where everybody is shouting.  Ads need to have clean copy utilizing the least amount of text to communicate the offer.  Rather than using lengthy sentences we always advise our clients to use bullet points.

Font Use

Always make sure to use text fonts that are clear and easy to read.  Never use more than two different font types in your coupon.  Use larger and bolder fonts sparingly and only for items that you are trying to emphasize to your clients.

What’s Your Hook?

The attraction to every coupon is its title.  The hook is your offer that grabs your customer’s attention.  Your hook needs to be the most prominent real estate of your coupon as it will actively engage your customer to read more.

Expiration Date

Put an expiration date on your coupons. Expiration dates set a time-line for the customer and a sense of urgency of when to purchase your product or service.  A time sensitive coupon will drive sales within the time frame that you need.

Use Color if you can

While it is more costly to print coupons with color, it is a proven fact that colors dramatically increase coupon readership.  Use contrasting colors for your coupon and refer to a color wheel to easily understand complimentary colors.

Card Stock

When given the opportunity or if your budget allows always use a thicker card stock for your coupon.  A thicker card stock is deemed by the viewer as a coupon with a higher value and will receive longer table time (life expectancy).

Seasonal Offers

Many companies have peaks and valleys in their business, seasonal coupons are a great way to drive repeat customers throughout the year.

If you need some help on building an effective coupon, please contact us!

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