14 Nov 2011

Google+ Business Page Design

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The most critical area of design is the header of the Google+ Business page as it is the identity of your business. As with any good web design, your visitor must be able to quickly recognize your brand without thought and reach the one-to-one relationship with the viewer. In its current design, the header of Google+ Business pages has 6 unique areas to graphically illustrate the company brand.

Business Profile Photo

The first graphic area is the profile, which is where the logo of your company is placed. When uploading this graphic, note that the image is in the shape of a square. Always use the most clean and simple logo design, as the business profile photo will be reduced in size, and you want a clear representation of your brand. Use graphics with a high resolution, if not your most important branding element will look grainy, pixelated, and unprofessional.

  • Home page profile image: The home page profile image is your Business profile photo reduced to a 200px by 200px image when displayed on the home page of the Google+ Business page. Note that multiple home page profile images can be uploaded, and as the viewer clicks on the home page profile image, the images will rotate though your uploaded profile images.
  • Avatar Image: The profile photo is also your avatar image, which is the graphic displayed on the left side of each post that is made. The avatar graphic is your business profile photo reduced to 48px by 48px image.

Scrapbook Photos

In its current design schema, there are 5 images displayed at the top of the Google+ Business page known as scrapbook photos. When uploading this graphic, note that the images are also in the shape of a square, and will be reduced to 125px by 125px images. Upload large images with high resolution, the scrapbook images are “clickable” and will redirect the visitor to a scrapbook photo page that cycle through the 5 images that you upload. Be sure to write a caption under each scrapbook photo.
Just like any other design, a Google+ Business page design should immediately meet the visitor’s needs and expectations of your goods or services.
There are an infinite number of ways to create a clever design though the 5 scrapbook photos. Currently, one of the more common designs utilized on Google+ business pages is to utilize the five images to create a landscape photo or graphic to illustrate the company brand. It is our recommendation to illustrate areas of service and functionality through each of the 5 scrapbook photos.

Some suggestions on what could be used…

  • Service or Goods Photos: Images, and illustrations which sell your goods or services.
  • QR Codes: Utilizing a QR code for the image, or embed a QR code into the image for a telephone number, website address, phone numbers, or SMS.
  • Coupons: Coupons for your goods or services.

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