07 Jul 2010

Market Your Website with Internet Video

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Online video advertising can take your internet marketing strategy to a whole new level.  Currently there are a number of websites where you can easily upload high quality video and share them with the click of a button.  Website videos that are produced and implemented properly will provide an immediate and lasting impression for your web visitor.

You are Reaching a Different Internet Audience:

When it comes to marketing it is always the goal to seek out new niches, website video viewers are a promising target.  Video sharing sites not only deliver content, but also have a social aspect as well.  Social media is much like word of mouth advertising, if the information is useful then your video will be shared throughout your viewers social network.  Submit your site to numerous video sharing sites and create an environment that allows your company to interact with your customer.

Building Your Company Brand

When producing your video always build your company brand.  As with all advertising, website videos are a means of building the perception of your company.  Carefully think about your customer and how you want to be perceived by them.  Make a list of what you want your customer to experience from the video;  incorporate a wardrobe, environment and personality that will represent what you are trying to achieve.  Be sure to place your company logo and telephone number in all of your video productions.

Become an Expert in your Field

Educate your audience on your product or service and it will keep them coming back.  Website videos are an excellent way to provide how-to’s and useful tips to your audience.  Think of common questions or problems your customers have and turn it into an informational website video.  Give your web viewer information to make informed decisions when buying your service or product.  Be sure to use video titles that will entice viewership.

Incorporate your Website Design to Enhance Embedded Web Video

When embedding video on your own website, incorporate information to enhance your video.  A good video will entice the web viewer to learn more about your product or service.  Add information and graphics into the web page that explains the content of the video in greater detail.  Provide a list of links to guide the web viewer to search additional areas of your site.

If you would like to learn more about how to market your business through the use of video, please contact us.

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