13 Jun 2010

Top MerchantCircle Marketing Techniques

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As with most services, people tend to gravitate to one social media network or another.  With over 1 million local businesses in their directory, MerchantCircle is the largest social network of local business owners in the United States.  This online business directory helps to connect businesses and consumers.

It is important while building your website’s search engine marketing that you integrate online social media networks as they provide a niche market of website customers.  In this article, I will demonstrate different ways you can achieve the best results for your MerchantCircle account.

Blogging on Merchant Circle

If you do not currently blog, are not familiar with blogging software or do not have the technical expertise to set up a blog, MerchantCircle offers an easy to use blogging software for your business.  Make sure that when you write your blog that you are writing unique, useful and original content.

If you currently have a blog, we recommend that you also integrate the blog into your MerchantCircle blog.  MerchantCircle is an excellent online social media tool that you can utilize to drive traffic to your website.  When you have posted a blog on your website, also post an excerpt of your blog article on your MerchantCircle blog account.  This excerpt should not include the entire content of your blog article, but gives your reader a teaser of the article while also giving value to the MerchantCircle visitor.  At the bottom of your MerchantCircle blog article post make sure you create a ‘Learn More’ link which links your website blog post to the blog article on your website.  This will help to increase traffic to your site and will increase the number of backlinks to your website thereby improving your website’s search engine rankings.


As you begin to gain popularity within MerchantCircle through your blog articles, you will also begin to gain a following of MerchantCircle members.  Members will ask for you to connect with them on MerchantCircle.  As your base of customers grows, you can start to begin your second tier of marketing campaign, which is through another one of MerchantCircle’s free service. . . . newsletters.  Newsletters allow you to send out an email blast to your followers letting them know of new company information such as a blog article that you have recently written, company events, or possibly new coupon or product/service you are offering.

Online coupons

Looking for a way to entice customers to utilize your products or services?  Why not offer potential customers an incentive?  MerchantCircle also offers (for free) a coupon service whereby you can create coupons to include a special offer, use enticing graphics, include expiration dates, and much more!

MerchantCircle also offers a local city coupon feed via Twitter. Coupons that you feed will now automatically be fed to a city-specific Twitter page – making it easy for customers in your area to track real-time deals. It takes a couple of minutes to build a coupon and will be well worth your time.

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials can be accomplished a couple of different ways within MerchantCircle.  A quick and simple star rating which is anonymous, or they also offer an area where a customer can type in a personal testimonial.

One down side to many online social media sites is that customers can be abusive in their posting, and to remove a negative posting can be quite a timely process. MerchantCircle is very business friendly when it comes to receiving an abusive post as you have the ability to remove this immediately.

Search Engine Ranking

Having your business listed on MerchantCircle increases your search engine ranking and visibility on the internet.

For further information on how to set up your MerchantCircle account, or to learn more about how you can further utilize the benefits within MerchantCircle, please contact us.

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