09 May 2010

7 Tips to Make Your Business Listing Stand Out

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If you have a new website, or are new to marketing your website one of the best places to start driving traffic to your website is through geo targeting your website through search engine map or local searches.  As with any type of marketing, it is important to seek every opportunity to reach potential customers.  The business listings of your company is yet one more way to diversify your online presence.

What is Geo Targeting?

When a website viewer views the internet their IP address is tied to their geographic location. Geo targeting is when information is delivered to a website viewer based on their physical location and search results for the product or service that they are looking for.

Marketing through Search Engine Maps and Local Searches

While organic search results will drive the majority of traffic to your website, it can be a timely process to achieve strong search engine ranking results when competing for competitive keywords markets.  One of the best, often free, and immediate methods for driving traffic to your website is by placing your business information on search engine maps or local searches.  Most major search engine providers provide local search queries within regular search engine results.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Business Listing

Standard business listings are easy to create, but with a little planning and couple of extra steps you can create a professional business listing:

  • Company Logo: Brand your company logo to the products and services that you offer, if available; always upload your company logo.  Make sure that the logo is properly sized and not cut off.
  • Product & Service Listing: When listing your business products and services choose a broad category first, but also make sure to list your business in specific categories.  Website viewers looking for a specific will have a higher clickthrough rate.
  • Coupons: Create coupons that will engage the website viewer. When creating a website coupon, be sure to include a call to action and expiration date.
  • Videos: Nothing impacts a website viewer greater than video, if you have produced videos, make sure to embed the videos within your business listing.  If you do not have a video, search through YouTube for a video that will complement your product or service.
  • Photos: Upload photos of your product or the results of your service.  Take the time to make sure that the photos are professional representation.
  • Reviews: Testimonials are always a great method to build trust with your potential customers.  Ask customers to place a customer review within your business listing.  It is important that the reviews are current; we suggest that you actively pursue at least one review a month.
  • Service Area Map: Always provide your service area within search engine maps and local searches.  It is the service area that you provide that determines the relativity of the geo targeting results.

To learn more about placing your business in search engine maps or local searches, please contact us.

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