24 Apr 2010

Tips For Improving Search Engine Click Through Rates

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A great deal of time and money goes into search engine marketing and search engine optimization.  We all know that when building your web pages it is critical that you write your content with keywords that will rank your site well within organic search engines searches.  We also know that we can enroll within pay per click campaigns to elevate our website to the top of the search engine list.  If your site ranks well within pay per click campaigns and organic searches and you are not achieving clickthroughs it is time to change your copy.

Page Titles

Each web page needs a page titles that is descriptive and relative to the content of your web page and engages your potential visitor.  Page titles need to be 64 characters or less in length, if the page title is too long, search engines may cut off the display of the text.

  • Home Page Title:  Your home page title needs to be crafted rather selectively because search engine place significant weight on the home page title.  If the site is ranking well in organic searches do not modify the home page title.
  • Secondary Page Titles:  While secondary page titles also need to be descriptive and relative to the content they should be crafted differently.  Use your secondary web page titles to draw in clickthrough results.  Use page titles that solicit an emotional response, ask a question, or state a fact to a specific audience.

Meta Descriptions

It used to be that search engines would pull information from both your title tag and your meta description.  While now meta description tags are not a major factor for search engine optimization, they are a major factor in influencing people who are browsing the internet through search engine results to actually visit your site.  It is absolutely necessary to have unique meta descriptions on each searchable page of your website.

  • Meta tag length: Search engines display meta descriptions 200 characters in length, if the meta tag is too long search engines will cut off the text.  One method is to create an engaging tag that fits within the 200 character limit, the other method is to create a meta description that is over the 200 character limit and baits the web viewer through a teaser to read more.
  • Call to action: Create an effective call to action that complements your page title and page content.  This is the most important facet of converting web browsers to clickthough your link.

Monitor Your Results

Google has introduced a new “clickthrough” feature that provides statistics of how many people have clicked on your site as a result of a search query.  Monitor the clickthrough results of your web pages, and modify page titles and meta descriptions on web pages that are receiving poor results.

If you are unsure how optimize your page titles and meta descriptions, and would like our help, please contact us and we will help you get started.

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