27 Feb 2013

Why Google Wants You to Change Your Website’s Diet in 2013

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Surveys show that millions of us have made resolutions to change the way we eat this year, usually in the hopes of improving our health. But, as you contemplate more leafy greens in your diet, perhaps you should give some thought to changing what you feed your business website at the same time – after all, Google and the other major search engines are looking for different criteria than they used to.

This has become apparent recently in the way that they handle content, preferring fresh, unique writing over stale, keyword-filled articles and posts. Where the change has been even more profound, though, has been with inbound links.

It used to be that links to your business website were like votes, and the more votes you had the more popular you were destined to be (and the better search engine positioning you enjoyed). As search engine optimization has become more competitive, however, inbound links are now more like calories, in that you need a certain number of them to fuel your Internet marketing campaigns, but they don’t all count equally – in fact, some of the “junk food” links that used to be popular can actually hurt your search rankings now.

The bottom line is that you only want high-quality links from trusted websites in your same industry or related topic area. That means a change of diet for a lot of established marketers, but one that will ultimately make you more efficient and profitable. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you get started:

Focus on the source, not the number. Under the new rules, it’s more important to have a handful of very high-quality links than it is to have lots of them from unreliable sources.

Take a longer-term approach. Of course, natural high-quality links don’t usually come hundreds at a time. That’s okay, because growing too many links too quickly has become a red flag for spamming tactics. So, focus on quality and be patient with your linking strategy.

If you feed your business website junk in 2013, don’t expect to get great results. Google and the other search engines want to see high-quality links, which are better for the health of your business website in the long run anyway.

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