Video Search Engine Optimization

VSEOIn today’s modern website design it is not only important to integrate Website Videos but also ensure that the Web Videos have been optimized utilizing Video Search Engine Optimization techniques.  Website Videos increase the amount of time that a viewer spends on your website, and if properly produced, it can improve the frequency in which your website viewer views your website and increase the number of back links to your website which will improve your organic search engine listing.

There are numerous ways to properly integrate video into your website.  Website Videos must be placed within your website or blog in an order that makes sense to not only your visiting viewers but also to search engines.   Your video must be leveraged through numerous video web servers as well as social media networks in order to achieve the most productive results for search engine optimization.

What is VSEO?

Video Search Engine Optimization, also known as VSEO is the process to optimize videos to drive traffic to your website.  Bjorn Productions, Inc. optimizes videos by coding the meta data to improve your results in the search rankings. Google and other search engines can not actually “see” what’s inside the video content, so it relies on title and other meta-data to determine what content your video actually contains.

Optimizing Web Video?

A popular video can provide dramatic results to your website’s organic search listing.   Video is proven to index rather quickly, providing additional exposure for web viewers looking for information about your company, products, or services.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased visibility from multiple search engines
  • Reach target audience by using specific keywords
  • Create impact with the power of sight, sound and motion
  • See results with detailed reporting

How Bjorn Productions can help:

  • Create a unique and branded YouTube Video Channel for your company
  • Integrate your video into your existing website.  If you don’t have a website, please contact us for a website design quote.
  • Create a Video Sitemap
  • Submit your web video to search engines, and other video sites
  • Create meta tags, title tags, keywords and descriptions to your web video to further optimize it.
  • Improve your viewership through social media networks.
  • Optimize the web video for different web browser formats

If you are interested in receiving a quote for our Video Search Engine Optimization services, please contact us directly.

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