Do You Have the Wrong Internet Marketing Priorities?

There are probably millions of online marketers out there who are filled with enthusiasm, working hard on their campaigns, and destined to get very little in the way of results. Why? Because they have set the wrong priorities.

Conceptually, most Internet marketing plans are pretty simple. You find a group of customers, bring them to your website (or social media profile), and find a way to convert them into buyers. However, it’s easy to become distracted by the individual metrics and lose sight of what you’re actually trying to accomplish. In fact, there are a number of classic “missing the forest for the trees” errors you can make quite easily without even noticing.

To see why, and to put a finger on the kind of damage the wrong Internet marketing priorities can cause, let’s look at a few things you have to remember…

A Top Search Position Doesn’t Automatically Equal More Sales

It is taken almost as gospel that the best way to bring new customers to your business is by ranking highly on Google. There’s nothing wrong with that thinking, but you don’t want to butcher your website (or your marketing message) just to marginally improve your search engine visibility. After all, you don’t get anything for visits to your pages that don’t result in leads or sales. And, it’s easier than you might think to sacrifice conversions for traffic that doesn’t have any value.

Your Huge Social Following Might Not Include Any Buyers

If business owners need to be reminded that not every search engine visitor is a great prospect, then they need to be reminded twice about the perils of non-engaged social followers. You can have thousands and thousands of contacts, but if they only follow you because they like the jokes and memes you post, they are treating you as an entertainer instead of a vendor. It’s always fun, and satisfying to the ego, when you can gather lots of fans or likes. But ask yourself: are those posts bringing you any closer to your bottom-line goals?

Getting Views On Your Posts Doesn’t Always Make Them Impactful

The Internet is practically under siege from the hundreds (or thousands?) of click bait articles that seem to go online every hour. They don’t share anything of value, but they are written with catchy headlines and paired with shocking photos. For that reason, they get lots of views and attention, but probably generate little or nothing in the way of real revenue or branding. That distinction is important, because views on your posts are only meaningful if they come from good potential customers and result in conversions. It’s better to promote your ideas and position yourself as an expert with the right audience than it is to get lots of attention for something that doesn’t matter to your business at all.

Only Quality Conversions Matter

Given that we’ve mentioned conversions a few times already, those must be the ultimate goal, right? Actually, there is even fine print to consider on this topic. As it turns out, only good conversions matter.

Good conversions, in this case, our leads or sales from buyers who aren’t just likely to complete a transaction, but to stick with you for months or years to come. Otherwise, they could end up taking more of your time in the short term than they are worth, or even costing you money if they only by discounted products or services because they aren’t really the right fit for what you have to offer.

Make no mistake: it’s generally better to have a good search engine position than it is to be buried deep in the listings. And, maintaining a strong social presence while publishing popular content is always a good idea. Don’t get so entangled in these goals that you miss the point, though. Quality conversions – the ones that help you grow your bottom line – are the real goal for your website. Putting your focus on anything that doesn’t bring you closer to getting them is just providing you with unnecessary distractions.